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Our Legacy

Our Legacy

Wild Rose Baptist Church has been preaching the gospel and faithfully ministering to the Wild Rose community since 1872.

In June 1872, the Reverend Robert D. Evans, a farmer preacher came to Springwater from the Berlin area.  He was a Welsh Baptist who had a vision of doing things for the Lord. On coming to Springwater, he presently organized the Ebenezer Baptist Church with then members and later deeded to the church organization the land for a church lot and yard.  The church building was erected the following year and services were held in the Welch tongue and pastored the Rev. Evans for the next twenty years. 

In 1899, a lot was offered to build a church in the Village of Wild Rose and services were begun; first in a tent, then in the Town of Rose Hall with Rev. Colby of Waupaca pastoring both Springwater and Wild Rose groups. 

On January 5, 1902, the articles of incorporation were signed and the newly erected Wild Rose Baptist Church at 610 Carey Avenue was dedicated free of debt. Rev. F. F. Parsons was the churches first pastor. 

In 1977, the church purchased 23 acres on Hwy G and  Hwy 22 of which it still holds 17 acres today. A Christian School operated in a modular building on the site during the 1980's. In 1989, the house next door to the church at 626 Carey Avenue was purchased to serve as the church parsonage. 


In 1894, an evangelistic campaign led by Rev. W. J. Grim and Rev. R.H. Colby resulted in doubling the membership of the church. 

In 1895, Rev. C. M. Bolvig, pastor of the Saxeville Baptist Church, became assistant pastor and the language of the services became English.  In June of the same year, the church was received into the Wisconsin Central Association.  During the next five years Rev. A. V. Dahl, Rev. S. E. Sweet, and Rev. Samuel Freiheit served as pastors. 


In April of 2001, Rev. Scott Jones was called as pastor.  A "Building Fund" was established in 2003 and in 2007 the church was moved to its present facility on State Highway 22 on the south side of Wild Rose. 

The bell and several stained-glass windows were preserved from the former 105 year old building and incorporated into the present facility as a testimony of the many faithful generations of the church family. 

On August 5, Rev. Benjamin Terpstra was called and currently pastors the church.

For a pastor or member, it is both a privilege and awesome responsibility to build upon the foundation of our church, faith, and Scriptures.  We must remain true and faithful to our heritage.  To that end, let us preach the gospel of Christ, reach the lost for Christ, and teach obedience to Christ. Let us, like those before us, "earnestly contend for the faith which once delivered to the saints."  Because, although times have changed man has not- he is still in need of a Savior.  And it is the gospel that saves the soul by faith in Jesus Christ.  This has been our message for over 140 years, and continues to be our message today. 

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